Monday, March 15, 2010

HealthReformOpoly ™

Transformation-Rx focuses on creating 'prescriptions for change' that respond to the evolution of the health sector. The health sector is complex with many systems, issues, and viewpoints that need to be investigated when considering any changes. As an analogy for this changing environment, the rotating 3D cube navigator shown on the left, the idea being that "the complex changing nature of the health sector, as represented by this navigator cube "experience".

. Use the 3D cube navigator (on the left) to explore the set of healthreformopoly articles:
Move your mouse into the center of the green background frame (to the left) to “drive” and “look at” each of the images.
As you move the mouse (within the 3D cube frame) you are in “drive mode” — doing manipulation via mouse movement, without mouse clicks. E.g. move the mouse towards any corner of the frame and the cube begins rotating in that direction. The rotation follows you around as you move the mouse, and is faster/slower depending on how close you are to the center of the cube.
Click on any cube face; it "zooms out", showing you the title of the article. A subsequent single click continues the rotation.
Double Click on any given face of the cube to 'read that article'. When finished, your browser's "Back" button returns you to the cube navigator.
In “drive mode” the rotation stops whenever you move the mouse outside of the green background space, and resumes when you re-enter it.

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